Monday, August 2, 2010

Make-Up Monday: Sally Hansen Insta-Dri in Petal Pusher

This polish is perfect for that morning when you have a meeting or a parent-teacher conference or a big important work thing... and you realize you are wearing chipped blue nail polish.

It is smudge-proof in about three minutes, and it makes you look instantly more put together.

Is it going to last all week? No, probably not.

But, it will make you look more like a grown-up today.


  1. We must be nail polish twins because I use the insta-dri in Beige Blast!! Practically the same thing and I agree it makes you look more 'polished' instantly (ok bad pun)! I've found one coat will last with minor chip-age for almost the whole work week! But then again, I don't work with kids...

  2. I did something similar the other day. I realized that the pink on my toes was extremely chipped and stopped to buy blue nail polish to cover it up! Will have to remember the insta-dry for next time!

  3. Lauren, we totally are nail polish twins! And, you're right that I can probably blame teaching for my less-than-perfect nails. Those little angels are also the reason I've vowed to stop buying expensive work clothes.

    Robyn, I have definitely used the just-paint-over-them solution in the past. :)