Sunday, July 31, 2011

Life is Tough Sometimes

Well, it has been an emotionally exhausting few weeks.  People we love have had to deal with heartbreaking loss, and we had to say a very difficult goodbye.

I would like to hide out here for just a little while:

Monday, July 25, 2011

Make-Up Monday: Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss in Hot Pink

I love lipgloss.

I mean, I have three or four in my purse at all times.

But, this Revlon Colorburst Lipgloss will not be added to my purse collection. It is a little too frosted, and the texture is a little too much like lipstick.

It looks like the kind of lipgloss that Barbie would wear.

And, I always thought of myself as more of a Midge.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Garlic Knots

I am going to pretend it's not a million degrees outside, and I am going tell you about something I baked in my actual oven.

However, if it is also a million degrees where you are, I can understand your reluctance to turn on your actual oven.

But, when it cools down a bit, promise me you'll make these magical garlic knots from Live Love Pasta?

The knot itself isn't anything to write home about, but when you add the garlic topping?  Something miraculous happens.

And, while you wait for the temperature to drop, feel free to make the equally magical chocolate peanut butter ice cream from the same site.

(Full disclosure: Beth made the actual ice cream in this picture. I just ate it.)

Monday, July 18, 2011

Make-Up Monday: Beauty in a Box

Sephora has these great little collections marked down to ten dollars.

I wouldn't mind adding the Brown Smoky Eyes Palette and the Starter Kit Brush Set to my collection.

Let's be real.  I sort of want them all.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Make-Up Monday: Sephora by OPI's Cab Fare

True Story: 

I wore this lovely yellow nail polish to one of my recent doctor's appointment, and I had the following exchange with my very nice doctor...

Dr.: Um, are your nails always that color? Or...

Me: Oh, no, this is nail polish.

Dr.: Oh, good! Because I was worried...

Me: Oh my gosh, no, they're supposed to be that color.

Dr.: That's... cool.

(I don't think she really thought they were cool.)

(I checked, and it appears that this color is no longer available.  That is sad, because everyone should have a nail polish that matches Barney)

Friday, July 8, 2011

Well, Hello Again

Well, I'm not sure where these last few weeks have disappeared to.

I have been a busy bee, with the end of the school year and the end of the semester of grad school and the start of summer school.  

On top of that, we have been dealing with some challenges both emotionally and financially.  I have been in and out of doctors' offices over these last few weeks, and Mr. Kinne's job situation for the fall is a bit up in the air. If you have any extra good thoughts, please send them toward the Kinne house.  (Thanks so much.)

But, it is not all doom and gloom, I promise!  We have been having plenty of fun now that summer has arrived in New England.

Like, for instance, when we saw Mr. James Taylor himself at Tanglewood.  We got to sit around a picnic blanket with some of our favorite people and drink riesling and eat caprese salad.  It was fabulous-- and exactly what we needed.

Also looking fabulous is my garden this year.  I have eggplant and tomatoes and lettuce sprouting.  And today when I went to check?  There were honest-to-goodness green beans!  

I am in love with my little garden.

I am also in love with Downton Abbey which I just finished watching instantly on Netflix.  It is a sweet and dramatic and gossipy, and you should probably start watching it if you haven't already.

Plus, our cat? His furry orange face is still providing us with non-stop entertainment.