Monday, August 16, 2010

Make-Up Monday: Benefit Boi-ing

Silly product name, but a fabulous concealer.

This stuff could cover up anything. I use Shade 02 in Medium, and I find that it blends really easily.

Unfortunately, it only comes in three shades, so it might be tough to find a match. I recommend going into Sephora and checking it out.

Let's be honest-- I recommend going into Sephora even if you don't want to check it out. That place is like a theme park for grown-up girls.


  1. I agree...when I so much as look at Sephora, I begin (invisibly) drooling!

  2. Amen! Was just at Sephora this weekend picking up my free birthday 'gift'. It's easy to get lost in there or hours!