Friday, November 12, 2010


1. I always feel emotionally manipulated when Carrie Underwood songs make me cry.  (It's like she's trying to make me look all red-nosed and tear-y by the time I get to my classroom in the morning).

2. I felt really appreciated at work this week.  (I love when that happens).

3. I have a hot date with my pile of report cards this weekend.  (I'm thinking of inviting my "Gilmore Girls" DVDs along).

4. One of my students told me that if I kiss my husband, I can have "one or two babies."  (I wanted to tell her that it's actually way more difficult than she makes it sound).

(Speaking of babies, here is my nephew in super cute frog pajamas.)


  1. LOL this post made me laugh, cute baby!

  2. New header! Are they pies? Hope your date went well...

  3. Thanks, Jennifer!

    And, Karen, they are, in fact, tiny pies! And, I managed to get my report cards done, but it took a lot of time and many episodes of "Gilmore Girls."