Monday, April 26, 2010

The Kinnes' Guide to Southern Maine: Where We Visited

Except, as I look through the pictures, this is a little bit like "where we ate, part two".

We drove up the coast from York to Kennebunkport, stopping along the way.

Our first stop was the Nubble Lighthouse, which is apparently the world's most photographed lighthouse. (We kept accidentally calling it the Hubble Telescope).

Then, we stopped in York Beach for kettle corn and cupcakes. Clara's Cupcake Cafe was not as cute as I had pictured it in my mind, but the cupcake was delicious.

After that, we kept going and passed the Bush Compound. (Every time we drove past an older gentleman in the area, we would nod and say "Mr. President" quietly to ourselves. We are easily amused).

Then, we headed back to York, where we drove to the top of Mount Agmenticus, which had really pretty views. (Apparently, hiking up the mountain was also an option. We did not choose that option).

Also in York was The Cliff Walk, a gorgeous trek along the edge of the water.

Just down the road was a ginormous Stonewall Kitchen store, which was a great place for tasting samples... but not the most exciting place to visit.

Finally, we finished up our trip at the Kittery Outlets and a lovely little place called When Pigs Fly Bakery. This place was a carb-lovers dream. We left with a loaf of Baby Spinach, Onion and Garlic Ciabatta bread, but we taste-tested plenty of others.

We also went to a super chintzy mini-golf place, because it was the only one open in the off-season. We wouldn't recommend it... unless you're desperate to play mini-golf.

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