Friday, April 23, 2010

The Kinnes' Guide to Southern Maine: Where We Stayed

Because who better to write a guide than someone who visited for two days in the off-season?

Admittedly, I am not exactly an expert in all that Maine has to offer, but we did have fun exploring a little corner of it.

It helps that we stayed at a bed and breakfast with the most helpful owners. They were so welcoming, and they made sure we found lots of places to go.

Plus, the Inn at Tanglewood Hall is just as lovely as the name suggests. It is in an old Victorian home, and it was probably the most cozy place we've ever stayed.

(Seriously, look at those chairs by the fireplace!)
(Just ignore the creepy ceramic cat.)

Also, breakfast was amazing. I wish I had someone offering homemade granola and "eggs in a cloud" at the start of every day.

And! And the inn has package deals with a local restaurant where we ate ridiculously good food.

I wasn't sure I was a "bed and breakfast" person-- I mean, I'm happy with the Holiday Inn Express-- but I would go back to Tanglewood Hall in a heartbeat.

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