Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Kinnes' Guide to Southern Maine: Where We Ate

Because, seriously, we ate.

Our first night, we went to Lobster Cove in York Harbor. The restaurant has gorgeous ocean views, and the lovely waitress offered to make my lobster sliders with butter instead of mayonnaise. (God bless that woman).

The next day, we ate lunch at The Ramp in Kennebunkport, just down the street from the Bush family compound. (Apparently, George Bush Sr. will drive his boat up to the dock to get his food). Mr. Kinne got a yummy, hand-pressed burger, and I ate clams Portuguese-style. This was another place with a fantastic ocean view, plus the walls were covered in sports and political memorabilia.

Dinner at Clay Hill Farm was amazing. (Really, all we could talk about on the ride back to the Inn was how great everything was). We started with grilled flatbread and seasonal salad. Then, Mr. Kinne ordered roast duckling and I got the haddock. We finished with cheesecake and something called "Chocolate Oblivion." (How could I not order something with that name?)

There were tons of places to eat in Maine, but we actually finished our trip with a quick stop in Peabody, Massachusetts. We visited my one true fast-food love: Sonic!

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