Monday, March 15, 2010

Make-Up Monday: Essie Ballet Slippers

Once, during a Law & Order: SVU marathon, one of the detectives was interviewing a stripper and asked her what she was wearing on her nails.

She answered, "Ballet slippers."

I turned to Mr. Kinne excitedly and said, "That's what I've got on, too!"

Essie Ballet Slippers-- a favorite of television strippers and first-grade teachers.


  1. Me too! Although, I'm always a little more paranoid after watching that many episodes.

  2. I wear OPI Bubble Bath, it looks like it's a similar color.

    And I have that same paranoia problem with Bones marathons.

  3. I just Googled Bubble Bath, and it does look similar.

    They both have that "No, I'm not wearing polish, my nails are just flawless and shiny" look to them.

  4. haha, that is funny. Love the polish color.. and the name makes me want to buy. Is that too weird that I like nail polish based on it's name?

  5. That is not weird at all! (Of course, I say that because I do the same thing).

  6. i love the name! how sweet!