Thursday, February 25, 2010

Success and Caprese Salad Sandwiches

My observation went well today!

I think it helped that I gave the kiddos in my class a pep talk. I told them about how the vice-principal was coming in to see how I was teaching and how they were learning.

They were all sitting up a little straighter than usual.

Mr. Kinne and I celebrated the fact that I didn't royally screw up by making the easiest weeknight dinner-- Caprese Salad Sandwiches.

(I shamelessly stole this idea from a friend who served these sandwiches when he had us over for dinner. Hi Chris!)

All you need are tomatoes, mozzarella, basil and bread. We made ours extra melt-y and delicious by using the Foreman Grill.

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  1. So glad your observation went well. I tell my kids that our principal is coming in to see how they are learning and that she is going to write down the names of the kids that are doing good work! lol Mine is next week and then I go to PD the day after. Fun stuff! ~Robyn