Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sugar, Sugar

Strawberry Pop Tarts are the benchmark to which I compare all other unhealthy foods.

Like, if I look at the nutrition facts on something that has fewer than 16 grams of sugar, I will think, "Well, that's less sugar than a Strawberry Frosted Pop Tart."

(Sixteen grams of sugar! In one pop tart! And who eats one Pop Tart?)

But, you see, I super love Strawberry Frosted Pop Tarts.

And, that's why Special K Fruit Crisps are the best thing I've discovered in the grocery store lately.  They taste like a slightly crunchier version of a Pop Tart, and they are not so bad for you.

(Seven grams of sugar for two... and, well, that's way less sugar than a Strawberry Frosted Pop Tart).


  1. Hahahaha awesome. It's all comparative, baby! :)

  2. I always hated how Pop Tarts came two to a pouch. How about packaging them individually, Kellogg? Who's with me?

  3. I used to LOVE Pop Tarts when I was little, now even thinking of them makes my teeth hurt.