Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Letters E and F

This encyclopedia entry is sort of like a double issue of Entertainment Weekly, twice the glossy pictures and useless information!

The Letter E

I cannot watch this movie without cracking up... and maybe tearing up a little at the end.  I also quote my favorite lines all year long.
Does syrup have sugar in it? Then, yes!

Admittedly, I used to have no feelings about eggplant either way, but then I grew it in my garden, and I was so very impressed with myself.  Plus, I like any food that can be followed with the word "Parmigiana."

I always feel a little bit cooler when I give someone a present and I can say, "Oh, I found it in a cute little Etsy shop...."

The Letter F

This is one of the many shows that I never watched before I met Mr. Kinne, and now I've seen each episode approximately a million times.  (Because we spend so much time watching our favorite shows together, Mr. Kinne and I speak a sort of shorthand made up of t.v. quotes and bits from our favorite stand-up comedians).

What did I do before Facebook? I cannot remember a time when I didn't spend hours posting pictures and updating my status and stalking people I used to go to high school with.

Fried Pickles
And, french fries.  And, really anything fried.


  1. Oh man - now I wish I would have added Family Guy to my "F" encyclopedia. Family Guy and Futurama are both super fun mindless shows.

  2. ditto that Shanner!

    I love everything in this post. I just read the futurama part out loud to John and told him that I'd think we'd make good friends with you guys. He responded with a Jim Gaffigan quote, so obviously that means yes.

  3. I've seen every episode of futurama approximately 231463 times, also. Never gets old

  4. Do you 'sit on a throne of lie?'
    Love Elf, too.