Monday, March 7, 2011

(Hair and) Make-Up Monday: Three Twisted Buns

As soon as I saw this hair tutorial on A Cup of Jo, I knew I had to try it out.  I wear my hair in a bun almost every single day, because, well, it is the quickest way I know to do my hair.  It turns out making three buns?  It really only takes a couple more minutes.

Admittedly, I used hair ties instead of bobby pins, but I think the the result is pretty cute.

However, not as cute as my baby nephew.

Because that kid is flipping adorable.


  1. My hair is longer now, I should check out the tutorial.
    Btw, do not try the game 'tiny wings'.
    You will never sleep.
    Just a caution from personal experience.

  2. I just cut all mine off...I wish I could wake up and be showered and ready all ready.

  3. I wear my hair like that sometimes! Looks super cute on you too :-)