Friday, December 17, 2010

The Navajo Cardigan

I am in LOVE with this cardigan from the Gap.

I spotted it on The Good Life for Less, and I started building imaginary outfits around it in my head.

I will be watching this one during the after-Christmas sales.


  1. Yep, love it too! It's perfect to throw on with almost anything but not too blah blah boring plain either. Really liking it :-)

  2. HI Mrs Kinne, learned your blog from Sara... I love how almost similar we blog about -- but i blog all the way here from the other side of the world-- Bangkok.. I hope we can follow each other's blog and keep in touch the way sara and I do...

    I also blog through its another gallery of inspirational things I love...

    :-) thanks in advanced!

    Catwife, Mia

  3. Saw it in the window of Gap at the Northshore Mall. No sure if I liked it in the picture but, it's really nice in person. :)