Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Have I Mentioned I Love Mo Willems?

Let me tell you guys the coolest thing.

Yesterday, Mo Willems came to our school, and I got to read a book on stage with him.

My life is complete.

I knew that Mo was coming to our school for a visit, but I had no idea that I would get called up to help him read the literary classic There is a Bird on Your Head.  (Apparently, my principal was aware of the fact that he is my very favorite author, so she gave him my name). I went up with two kiddos from school, and I managed to read my part, despite the fact that I was a teeny bit nervous.  (I had the very important job of reading the Pelican's lines).

I have never met a more engaging, talented writer, and I have such a book-nerd crush on him.

After the reading, I got the following comments from students in the school:

- Mrs. Kinne, you were great up there!
- You looked really pretty!
- I saw you up there!
- You are good at reading!
- I like your hair!

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