Thursday, July 1, 2010

I Am Now Planning a Trip to London in My Head

I know that France is sort of having a moment right now, with everyone loving Paris and stripey dresses and macarons.

But me? I'm a fan of England.

So, I was extra excited when our British houseguests brought us British presents!

Because Sophie knows and loves me, she brought plenty of Dairy Milk.
However, the best present of all was this amazing Cath Kidston bag.

I am now a little bit obsessed with all things Cath Kidston.

I had seen a few things on the adorable Torie Jayne's site, but I did not realize that this brand was all the rage in the U.K.

The Cath Kidston site is full of ridiculously cute floral, polka-dot creations, and it is probably a good thing that shipping to the U.S. is approximately a million pounds.

That will keep me from buying everything.