Monday, July 19, 2010

(Hair and) Make-Up Monday: Goody Spin Pins

The Goody Spin Pin is pretty flipping cool.

It is a magical little pin that is supposed to do the work of twenty bobby pins and create all sorts of fun up-do's. I first saw it on Brooke's adorable blog, and I searched high and low for it.

(When I say "high and low," I mean I checked three stores).

I've been playing around with these contraptions, but they can't exactly stand up to my all of my thick, wavy hair. The two pins that come in the package go into hair like corkscrews, and they do hold my hair in a bun, but after a few hours, several strands come loose.

However, they do create a pretty awesome bun without a pony-tail holder, and they are fun to use, so I am going to keep experimenting with ways to keep all of my hair up in the Spin Pins.

I am seeing a combination bun/ side ponytail in my future....

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