Monday, June 28, 2010

Make-Up Monday: Hard Candy Welcome Matte

Although I have professed my love for MAC Blot Powder in the past, I couldn't resist trying a new, slightly cheaper mattifying powder.

Enter Hard Candy's cleverly named "Welcome Matte" pressed powder.

This little compact holds less than my beloved MAC powder, but it is also less expensive at only 8 dollars.

(I busted out a calculator to figure out how much cheaper the Hard Candy powder is. While MAC Blot Powder is about 52 dollars an ounce, Welcome Matte is about 30 dollars an ounce).

Although it does save some money, Welcome Matte can't handle my oily, summertime skin.

This one-shade-fits-all powder goes on beautifully, but my skin is shiny about a half hour later. Although MAC Blot Powder isn't a miracle worker, it gives me at least a few hours of shine-free skin.

I would highly recommend Welcome Matte for those lucky ladies who do not fall into the "ridiculously oily" skincare category.


  1. Had hope for this one! Sad to hear it didn't live up. I have the hardest time with powders! My skin is weirdly combination, so most powders go on poorly (thanks to the dryness) and then I get shiny shortly thereafter. You'd think skin would figure itself out at the big 3-0 :)

  2. I was bummed, too!

    I am also bummed that my skin has not figured itself out at 26. (It turns out that being a grown up is not at all what I expected).