Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Letter A

The fabulous Shannon of Shannanigans had the idea to write a sort of encyclopedia of herself-- from A to Z-- and she invited other bloggers to join in.

So, this my loves, is my list of Mrs. Kinne-related things that start with the letter A.

(Photo by Chris Lizon)
Partly because the Mister and I are teachers, and partly because my favorite color is green, the theme for our wedding was green apples.
Oh, online shopping, how I love you.  Have I mentioned that I have had my debit card number memorized since I was in college?

Artwork-- Especially the kind made by 6 year olds
I have some very talented and artistic friends, but nothing can compare to the masterpieces created by my kiddos.

A title that I added to my resume this year.


  1. Hey thanks for playing! I love your Encyclopedia sign. I like green apples too, but I hate red I'm glad you chose green. And I only recently started using amazon ALL THE TIME. It's amazing.

  2. I love the color of green apples! What a fun wedding theme :-)