Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Still Not Pants

I firmly stand by the fact that leggings are not pants.

But, leggings can be a perfect cold-weather layer, and this pair from Old Navy is my current fave.

They are like pajamas that you can wear to work.


  1. Mrs. Kinne, I find myself in the middle of a debate. Are Jeggings considered pants? A cousin-in-law shouted at me that they are NEVER pants, but I claim it depends on the top worn with them. Thoughts? (Also, I have adopted Jeggings as my pre-maternity pants).

  2. While I love jean leggings, I still think they need to be worn with something that covers your rear-end. However, I believe that a tunic-length shirt is acceptable, which would not be acceptable with, for instance, tights.

    I find that, in this crazy world, things are rarely black and white. :)