Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Let's Go to the Mall... Today!

At the Kinne house, we watch How I Met Your Mother like it's our job.

We quote the characters on a regular basis, and we even named Barney after the one-and-only Barney Stinson.

So, this year's costume?

Robin Sparkles, Canadian teen pop star.

I just wish I had a better Canadian accent... and more jelly bracelets.


  1. Good job with the costume! Did other people know who you were?

    I liked the episode where Robin discovers the Canadian sports bar!

  2. Thanks! Maybe half the party got it, which was nice. :)

  3. AWESOME costume! I love creativity.

  4. AHHH you are the coolest! Great costume. Scherbatsky approves!

    BTW I totally didn't know your Barney was named after Barney Stinson. Now we only have to find the owners of Marshall, Lily, and Ted and we'll have the whole gang!