Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Four Things

Right now, I am loving:

1. The speech that Kurt's dad gave to Finn on Glee.

2. This furry little face:

3. Food that I don't have to cook in the oven, because it is approximately a million degrees outside. (I may have toasted up some frozen waffles for dinner).

4. And, finally, this pillow I found on clearance at Marshalls. (You can get a similar one at World Market, if you want to be like me and exclaim, "How great is my new pillow?" every time you walk into your living room.)


  1. My backwards husband gives me a hard time about putting the A/C on in May because it costs too much money but when I complain about not wanting to cook, he's the first one to suggest we go out for Mexican. I couldn't argue with him though.

    And I LOVE that pillow. Serious. But I like yours better than the WM one. It would go swimmingly in my new guest room. Obvs. I'll be stalking marshalls this weekend.

  2. I'll be sending good Marshall's thoughts your way! :)

  3. That pillow is totally cute! Is that an Eames rocker that I spot it on?!

  4. Thanks-- and it is a Eames look-alike from Overstock. It is my favorite thing in our living room. :)