Friday, August 12, 2011

Reason #58984 That Marriage is the Best

Me: Hey, is this dress too short to wear without leggings?

Mr. Kinne: I don't know.  Bend over like you're picking something up.


Mr. Kinne: Yep, I can see your whole backside.

Me: Awesome. I'll grab those leggings.


  1. Bahahaha. My husband always comments on "hot girls" out in public who wear sexy dresses and skirts, but he better never catch ME, his wife, wearing anything remotely sexy for all the world to see. He's always the skirt patrol, reminding me that my skirts might be too short for work. Hmpfh.

  2. I'm impressed with Mr. Kinne. He actually came up with the "bend over" test??

    He's definitely a keeper. My husband would have told me I looked fine even if it was barely covering my goodies.

  3. awesome how they think of stuff way faster than we do. lol